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Search engine optimization.

Often referred to as SEO, search engine optimization is among the hottest and most challenging features of the Web today. Everyone wants his Website to appear at the top of the search results of all search engines (Google, Altavista, Lycos, Hotbot, just to name a few). The problem is, each engine uses a different algorithm to determine search rank—and to make matters worse, they keep changing the algorithms.

While we at McWebmaster.com can't guarantee you'll be number one with Google on all your keyword searches, we do know what Google, along with the rest of the major search engines, is looking for. We know how to code your pages to give you the best chances at the outset. What's more, if you like, we can work with you on a careful plan of submitting your site and going after those all-important reciprocal links (sites you link to that link to you back). SEO is a struggle and an on-going one, but we use the very best software tools in the industry to give you the best rankings without breaking your budget.